Health Information Exchange (HIE) - NeHII

About NeHII

NEHII was sponsored by Nebraska health care providers and insurance organizations to serve as Nebraska's regional HIE. Through the HIE, participating providers and health insurers can see certain health, demographic and payment information (your health information) in each other's
records. They can use this information for treatment and payment purposes.

In addition to serving as the region's HIE, NEHII also partners with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to administer the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). The PDMP provides a comprehensive query-based medication history of all dispensed prescriptions in Nebraska, as well as mail-order pharmacies dispensing prescriptions to Nebraska zip codes.

NEHII also supports the Nebraska Healthcare Collaborative, a nonprofit promoting health data science throughout the state to help providers make data-driven decisions that will lower costs and improve health outcomes for the people of Nebraska. NEHII supplies the
Collaborative de-identified information collected from many patient records to discover new ways to improve health care for everyone.

Types of Information Shared & Protecting Your Privacy

NEHII follows all federal (42 CFR Part II) and state privacy laws in the reporting of the availability of data. Patient data shared may include medication and immunization history, lab and x-ray results, transcribed diagnostic and treatment records, records of allergies and drug reactions and other transcribed clinical reports created after January 1, 2013, but only if the provider
who has the information is a participating provider and makes the information available.

NEHII and the participating providers and health insurers use a combination of safeguards to protect your health

     * Privacy and security safeguards include encryption, password protection and the ability to
        track every viewer's usage of the system

     * Administrative safeguards include written policies controlling access to information through

All participating providers and health insurers must agree to follow these policies, in addition to being regulated by federal and state privacy laws. They must also have their own policies and other safeguards in place, including policies to train their staff and limit access to those with a need to know the information.

You can learn more about how your privacy is protected by visiting:
NeHII Privacy Security

Opting In Or Out Is Your Choice

If your provider is a NEHII participant, your information will automatically be included in NEHII. Though your participation in the HIE is completely voluntary, it is greatly encouraged for your own benefit. NEHII improves communication among your providers by ensuring care teams have the right information at the point of care. The
more information your doctor has about you, the more effectively he or she can treat you - resulting in smooth exchanges of information that promote a seamless--
and cost-effective--patient experience.

If you do not wish to share your health records with your care providers, you can opt-out via one of two ways:

     * Call NeHII support at 402-506-9900, ext. 1; or

     * Go to and complete the form under the tab, Opt In/Opt Out

Opting out will remove your information from viewing by providers in the NEHII query except for your name, address, and opt-out status. It will not affect what your doctors have access to in their electronic medical records, and it will not be a condition to receiving care. It also won't affect other sharing of health information via fax, phone, or other means between your providers, health insurers, or public health agencies. It may, however, affect the comprehensiveness of information your provider has available to effectively provide you care.